Market Report

Four Star Homes is the only company that has 10 years of data for manufactured homes appraisal and values. With Four Star Direct, our data-driven directory, we have the information we need to appraise the value of the mobile home your buying or selling.

Check out the latest trends in the mobile home and manufactured home markets to learn when is a good time to buy and sell your mobile home with Four Star Homes.

What You Should be Asking
Some questions that you might have:
  • Is it a buyer's market?
  • Is it a seller's market?
  • Should you sell your mobile home or relocate it?
What a Report Should Have
  • Latest rent increase
  • Data and information pertaining to any specific mobile home community
  • Monthly rates of rent

The market report will help you decide what you should do and when you should do it. Here’s a resource that can help you decide your next buying or selling steps.

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